Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping Spree: Hatyai 2011

My shopping haul from my short trip to Hatyai the other day. Manage to splurge on quite a few stuff as compared to my last time there which was 4 years ago;

#1 Black pump (RM30)
i had my eyes on another pair of 6 inch boots but my mom was adamant that i will definitely fall wearing that so i got this instead; had wanted to get the grey version of this heels which is more chic and versatile but the stall only sells one pair of heels for each size and they ran out of my size for the grey one so no choice but still i'm happy

#2 Super adorable flip flop (RM12)
bought this at the pasar but apparently we got scammed for a higher price as we saw the exact one sold for only RM6 at a roadside stall *heartache*

#3 hair clip (3 for RM5)

#4 Hot pink pencil skirt (RM20)
totally love this skirt. all my blouse, skirts, pants and dress that are formal enough for my presentations are all in shades of black and white. boring i know but now i can add more fun and colour with this skirt.

#5 Liese: Cassis Berry (RM29)
bought this at the supermarket because they're selling it way cheaper than the price you can get it in Malaysia. i saved a whooping RM9 and they came with a free gift also (:

Overall the trip wasn't that memorable but i'm a happy woman nonetheless with all my goods :3


Pou Leen said...

Mmmmm... truly love your sense of style!

Chia Hui said...

thanks 8)

Milton Leeper said...

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Unknown said...

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