Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Impulsive writing makes me happy (:

Its beeen a while since I really write. I wasn't into the mood to write since SPM's over which means it has been months but the minute I saw Pouleen's post in facebook, I knew that I have to continue from where she stops. Its good really to write again; to feel the words and plot just simultaneously flowing out as you type. Not to mention the satisfaction I get from this impulsive writing.

Starting of the story:!/notes/pauline-low/short-love-story/10150194598612450?notif_t=note_reply or

My ending:

Finally he hailed a cab to the airport after getting frustrated at listening to her voicemail over and over again. He got the earliest flight to Vancouver and looked for her as soon as the plane touches down.

He was grinning ear to ear the whole journey from the airport to her house. Finally, the cab driver couldn’t keep the curiosity to himself anymore, asked him,

“Where are you heading to young man? You look so happy!”

He smile sheepishly and said, “Chasing the love that I had foolishly chased away three years ago.”

“Good luck in that! Although I don’t believe that she would have waited for you; true love never waits for anyone,” sneer the cab driver.

Thinking that he was just an old and bitter man, he brushed off the cab driver’s comment and remains happy throughout the whole journey. Unshaven, grubby and jetlagged he finally reach Jane’s house and knocked on her door. No one answered. He knocks again and again and again. Finally her neighbour heard the knocks and approached him.

“Who are you looking for?” asked a fiftyish woman in her pyjamas.

He replied nervously, “Jane. I’m looking for Jane. Where is she?”

As soon as he finished talking, he realized that the woman’s face was washed with grief. She smiled solemnly and asked him to wait for a minute meanwhile she hurried to her house and took a white envelope and passed it to him. Without saying another word she headed back to her house.

Suddenly he seemed to be shaking with fear; He was afraid to know what was in the envelope. Could it be that Jane had found someone else and this is the letter that said she has moved on? But then again why Jane would write him a letter and not mailed it to him and instead passed it to her neighbour? He was confused. Contemplating no more, he ripped the envelope apart and read the letter.

Dear Alex,If you are reading this letter, it can only mean that you have realize how foolish you were by pushing me away and it also means that you have realized that I’m the one for you. I really hoped that you would have realized earlier because by the time you’re reading this, I’m no longer here anymore. Remember the time I professed everything to you and you pushed me away so cruelly. The afternoon before I professed, I was diagnosed with a stage four cancer. I had professed to you, hoping that you will be there for me during my last phase of life but sadly you made a choice that hurt me terribly and in the end you hurt yourself too. There’s nothing more I can say to you and there’s nothing more that you can do because you had made that decision long long time ago. Goodbye and I hope you will be happy.

He did not break down nor did he shed a single tear. He hailed a cab instead and headed back to airport hoping to get home as soon as possible. He was terribly wounded by the decision that he had made three years ago and frankly speaking, knowing that Jane had died, he felt that a part of him had vanished along with her. He didn’t dare to ask Jane’s neighbour where she was buried because all he wanted to do was to burry all these behind of him and move on. He might come off as selfish and cold blooded but he knew himself that if he didn’t do what he was doing he would never be able to face life again and so he took the earliest flight home and move on.
He never found anyone like Jane and he never found anymore reason to smile again. He had contemplated to commit suicide the first few months after finding out that Jane had died but he never managed to do that. It was not because that he was afraid of dying but it was more of the fact that he knew committing suicide would be a pleasure death for him. Because of his foolishness, he had cause Jane to die alone and thus he believe that he should have the same fate as her. He took care of his health and lived till he was eighty. He too died a lonely death like Jane, with no family members or friends by his side.


Pou Leen said...

By far, the best of all endings. Though it's still somewhat predictable, BUT because of the way you plot and write it, it's still beautiful! <3 <3

Chia Hui said...

Thanks (: but frankly speaking, mine's not the best. all the other endings are equally good also and i especially like the ending that a friend of yours posted on yr blog post comment.

Chia Hui

Michèle said...

I miss talking to you. ;(

Muhammad Azeem said...

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