Saturday, December 1, 2012

White Vandalism

I vandalize for the first time.

But before I go into more details about it I shall digress and give a prelude as to why I'm actually posting this. Few months ago I was lamenting to my brother about this depressing blog that I was reading at that time and guess what he told me? He said, "Your blog also the same lar." Excuse me?Just because my blog is wordy and often without vain pictures of me posing in the bloody toilet, it doesn't bloody mean that it's depressing OK.

Hence the birth of this post instead of keeping this in the memory archives of mine that will only be shared with family and close friends.This will be a blog testament of how my blog is not depressing and also to show a different side of me that you might not know about. (and no hannah, I'm not a depressing uptight person all the time, I can do spontaneous and fun too. You just don't know it because you zap the fun outta me. OK OK I'm just kidding so please don't leave me with the sharks for assignments next semester.)

Back to the topic on hand, I did something totally spontaneous, fun and sorta mean today. I'm actually proud of this spur of the moment feat of mine because I haven't been going with the flow for a while now.

Anyway, between the last two classes that I have today is a one and half hour break. We sometimes go out for lunch during this period but since it was only the two of us ( me and Zinc)  today we decided to just lepak in one of the empty classroom near our last class.

After grabbing a bite, we went to our usual empty classroom which is right beside where my last class would commence since my tutor is particularly stringent about tardiness. But lo and behold, all the classrooms today were occupied and instead of heading back to the canteen I decided to try our luck by scouring for empty classrooms on the floor above.

While going through the first floor, we came across this room which at that time I presume to be occupied lar since there was music seeping out of the door. There was also this A4 size paper that was stuck on the door. Upon closer inspection, I realize that whoever who wrote this must have terrible english because he/she wrongly spelled something that was so easy; a mistake which I'm sure a primary school kid wouldn't commit.

So I turned to zinc, asked her for a pen (which she comply by giving me a red one no less) went to the door and cancelled off the alphabets that shouldn't be there. While I was happily doing it, THE DOOR ACTUALLY OPENED AND ON INSTINCT I RAN FOR MY LIFE !!!

Okay, so technically I just ran to the other end of the block but still it's running OK!

Panting and slightly out of breath, I looked back over my shoulder at the crime scene and found that the guy who came out of the door a few seconds ago - who scared me shitless too btw - wasn't there anymore so I said to Zinc, "Wait for me. I'm going to finish what I started." in which she gave me disbelief cum wtf look and said "You still wanna do it?"

Well of course.

A job half done is never in the description of who I am so riding on the rush of adrenaline, I walked back to the said door and finished off what I started by writing the correct spelling on top of the wrong one, took a picture and fled as fast as my short stumpy legs could bring me.

If you are following me on instagram, twitter or tumblr you would know what I'm talking about since I posted the picture of my vandalism there but if you don't here is my artwork in red :

Truth to be told, I feel kinda mean and guilty afterwards and not to mention my fear that those people in the classroom would somehow find out that I'm the perpetrator and would then proceed to chase me off the college compound with brooms and torch but y'know that is just me being me with my over thinking and colourful imagination.

But now that I'm sitting here typing this, with of all the aforementioned emotions being washed away by the hours between, I find that I'm actually happy with what I've done and honestly a lil proud too.

Why? Because #1 Spelling error is one of my pet peeves of all time and I am with the notion that if you are going to write/publish/post something that can be seen by the public then please make sure that what you're writing/publishing/posting is correct in all sense of the word. And if in order to not publicly humiliate yourself you have to google the spelling of 'entrance' then so be it. Google is there for a reason.

#2 I have actually done something without over analyzing it. It's has been ages since I last did something without taking that piece of thought/fact/event to go over it again and again in my head, weighing the pros and cons, predicting the possible outcomes to only end up not doing anything. The usual me would have commented on the spelling error, produced the idea of doing this vandalism to only chicken out and not do it. That is me but today I've actually went through with it so yes it might be mean but no I don't regret doing it.

Oh, and for those of you who wondered why this post is titled white vandalism it is because I figured that if white lies are lies that you tell for the person's benefit then this vandalism of mine is an act of benevolent too because I'm doing it for the writer's benefit.

At least now he/she knows how to spell entrance.


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