Sunday, November 10, 2013

give me your heart and i'll give you my love

Friend: You see chiahui. She doesn't even have a crush on anyone.
Me: I do. Many of them in fact. Too many.

That, people is a general misconception and so I'm doing another post on  human beings that I'm in love with in order to not appear like a cold blooded animal with no feelings whatsoever but don't be fooled by this post because i actually am all the aforementioned just that i'm a really good liar.

This is a post on my girl crushes. They are all amazing singers whose songs have been on repeat since I discovered them and their voices makes me go awwwwwwww . Also, this is the continuation on people I'm in love with, only this is the singer edition. (although I cheated wtf as hannah was featured before in the band post and sydney is actually in a band also but they're still singer in general so ok la)

Aren't they gorgeous? /swoons/

To be honest, I have an unhealthy obsession with awkward, quirky, ethereal-looking singer songwriter/females in general. I mean if I were to see a beautiful girl/woman/actress/singer, I'd go all ''oh, she's so beautiful" and that would be it; an admiration of the beautiful genes of some people without any investment of my feelings.

However, if you place me in a scenario with me discovering awkward, dorky, quirky females, especially singer songwriter, I will be an uninhibited version of myself. Not only will I feel things like, ''awwwww you cute lil adorable piece of pancake, come to mama" (ignore how pedophilic i sound please) I'll actually proceed to do every single incoherent cooing sound complete with the gushiest gestures you can ever find me displaying.

Sorry (no i'm not) if I'm creeping you out with this fixation of mine but there's just something about this kind of females that brings out my blindly-in-love alter ego.

I'm not judging you on who you're crushing on, unless you're actually one of the many millions of blind teens who believe that JB is hawt then yes I'm giving you my deadliest judgmental glares, so don't judge me on mine.

Just so you know, I don't support society's definition of a great singer. Just because one can belt out tunes, it doesn't mean that he or she is definitely an amazing singer. I understand that each person has their own musical taste but the constant, "She can reach high notes so she'll definitely win this competition and goes on to be the best singer in the world" is pissing me off. 

Maybe this is the bitter side of me who still begrudges reality singing competitions for screwing over my favourites but I stand by my point.

I'm not saying that those who can belt out tunes can't sing, they can and their ability to do so should be applauded but I'm just one of those weird ones who are smitten with those hauntingly ethereal voices who are so much harder to find.


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