Saturday, November 10, 2012

Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud

I can finally breathe again.

It's not fully back to normal yet, but it's less erratic than the past two weeks and it can be safe to say that I wouldn't be having anymore panic attacks (at least not in the coming six days of holidays, yay!)

It has been fourteen whirlwind days packed with college, work, assignments, exam and presentations. It was such a hectic fortnight that I have lost count of the times that my temper would flare up, erupt and scald the people around me.For that I'm sorry, but to have one assignment thrust upon you after another and especially with the tight deadline between them it can easily drive the sanest person crazy.

To recap: I had just finished off a mid-term test, wrote an 1800 words analysis based on an in-depth interview about Malaysia's media system, handed in my moral group assignment, did another 3100 words analysis on Malaysia's Constitution (pair work), delivered a presentation on how feature writing differs from news, columns, and editorials which was then followed up by another presentation on said constitution analysis assignment and wrapped it all up by preparing and conducting a classroom activity on broadcast industry (pair work). And all these are notwithstanding the average tutorial questions in classes and journals to read up on.

Oh, and did I mention that the three presentations were all in a single day?

Well, that was how the last two weeks whiz by me. Although most of the assignments are either group or pair work but the effort and time that I had put into those assignments had exerted me beyond measures. I was so stressed out for the past two weeks over the assignments that I barely have enough time to sleep, what more breathe.

In retrospect, I didn't breathe at all during that period of time. The mountainous stack of to do's lists were driving me up the walls that on the whole I was veering dangerously close to hyperventilating especially when one glitch after another road bump kept popping up.

I even rushed out of mid-shower once just to text my group mate in order to check with her if what we were doing was right. That was how tensed I was during the whole ordeal. I worried about how to do the assignments, whether we have adequate time to do it, if we're doing it right.... and being the paranoid pessimist person that I am there are a million more to this list than I've let on but I'm not going to subject you to the terror of my endless what if's.

So yes, this is just a short post to commemorate that I've survived these challenging and inhumane weeks of my college life. Also, I have to add that this semester is the toughest one to date and so I'm immensely glad that I've weathered through it and came out alive.

Several couple hours less of sleep but nevertheless still intact.


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