Sunday, May 15, 2011

I'm happy just like that

i want to curl up on my bed and read a good read except that i have just been doing that for the past week. im happy that way. i like to think that im quite a simple lass. all i need is a book and nil disturbance and im contented. life has been good to me so far. college wasn't that great and yet it was not that bad either. im still missing work and im still missing her but im coping. events happening around me lately had opened up my eyes to how fragile our life is which inspire me to just do what I want, not in a reckless way of course but to just live a little and not regret about all the what ifs later on. i got three writing offers and i lost all of it all because of sheer procrastination. im awesome just like that but i guess im a all or nothing writer; i either write or i just dont which explains why i havent been writing for a long long time. i miss writing. i do. its just that im not the mood now.


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