Wednesday, June 8, 2011

friendship perhaps?

If she was presented with this opportunity before these she would have ravish it without second thoughts. Grab it with both of her hands and never let it go until she was bored with it but that was a lifetime ago. A time where she had been the old her ; the old her which had hurt many people along the way because of her selfish need and because of her fear of being alone. But she had learnt from her mistake, taking this opportunity will not make her happy, it just satiate her fear momentarily till the cold hard truth slammed her hard again, or, frankly speaking till her attention span was soaked with enough to last her for some time then she would go and break another heart in the same old way. She is tired of going around doing things that she will definitely regret later on but she was so afraid that she wouldn’t find that someone who would take her breath away. She is terrified that what if she has mistaken affection from friendliness? What if she had just wanted someone and not anyone in particular? What if she was to break his heart and ruin the friendship in between? And the biggest what if of all if she was to open her heart for real and risk being wounded again by the same old reason? With so much at risk, she decided she would pretend that nothing had tugged her heart in the first place. That what happened that day was just being in the right place at the right time. Nothing more and nothing less from a pure and sincere friendship.


Lord Hamstera said...

this is very very good.. can i reblog this? will wait for your approval before i do so..

Chia Hui said...

this post? i suppose so but i doubt its that good and thanks for the compliment though

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