Thursday, July 7, 2011

Life so far

I have been in college for 10 weeks including orientation and so far I'm coping. I'm only taking five subjects this semester and I find that most of my lecturers are likable enough albeit not having good command of English. My seniors are really nice and I'm getting along quite well with my course mates. Hostel life is pretty okay in fact; I have the freedom I need and I get to wake up really late for class since I'm practically staying on campus but I hate going back on friday because my timetable is a biatch.

I'm going fro an impromptu trip to Hatyai next friday and I can't wait for the trip to Taiwan end of next month although it will probably clash with my finals *sigh* However much that I don't want to resit my exam because of being absent, I cannot forgo this trip either since this will probably be my last sponsored trip. I'm back to planning my backpacking trip. I'm still saving up the money and I hope that I have the courage to tell my mom of my first solo backpacking trip abroad and hopefully she will agree to it *cross fingers*

I bumped into a member of mine the other day and it made me realized that I still miss work very much. I left without notifying most of my member but the close ones. It is irresponsible of me but at that time I still couldn't fathom the idea of resigning hence I choose oblivion. I do know that even if I'm still working there, things are very different now because most of them whom I treasured are no longer there anymore but still it does not stop me from missing the days I spent working there.

2011 has been a pretty eventful year for me. I've met people whom I really really cherish and eventually I had lost two people who matters a lot to me. IMY ahma and C.


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