Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The ♥ of my life

Nokia E6

I fell deeply and madly in ♥ with this baby. How can anybody not? I shall save up and buy this baby of mine by the end of the year but only if i get a 3.75 cgpa for my first semester exam.that will be a great motivation for to me strive harder for the finals i hope.


Mademoiselle M said...

I want it too. I'm planning to buy it but I think I've not save up enough money yet. Do you happen to know how much is this pretty thing? ;D

P/S: I want the black one. :)

Chia Hui said...

i haven't save up enough also but im dying to get it. plan to get it by the end of this year. i didnt ask the price at phone shop but i searched online and i think its somewhere around RM1099 but im not that sure. the black one's cool but im dying to get my hands on the white one :3

Pou Leen said...

lol, it's getting simpler and simpler here, the design... this isn't bad at all, for that price! :)

Chia Hui said...

I am after all a simple person Pou Leen! :3

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