Saturday, August 27, 2011

And she twirls around and around

Semester 1 has officially ended!

I had my last paper yesterday then the bunch of us went down to KL to just hang around. We started off with McD then LowYat then when the rest were headed to Pavillion, I wandered off to look for my sandals. I fell down the stairs in college on Tuesday and like luck would have it, my sandals broke (and I was wearing a mini skirt. Oh the horror!) so I was urgently and desperately in need for a new sandals for my trip to Taiwan on Monday. Managed to bought one comfortable yet chic sandal within my budget then met the rest in Sg.Wang's Snowflake.

I had wanted to go back already before HuanHee texted me and asked me to accompany her to eat Snowflake in Sg.Wang (the coincidence) and after several seconds of persuasion and several minutes of reluctance, I decided to stay back after all and waited for her. I had a round of Snowflake with her and met her boy before we wandered off and stayed nearly two hours in Cotton On. It was late already when we headed back to college and hence with no choice I hastily packed all my four months of remnants of hostel stay before headed home.

Overall I guess I did okay for my finals, however, I'm not that sure that 4.00 CGPA is still within my grasp. I think I blew off my chance of getting an A for Intro to IT when I wasted 1 1/2 days of the 2 days allocated to revise for IT by reading fictions (old habit die hard). The Journalism paper was hard also as in like I had just enough time to do all the four questions only.But still I'm praying, hoping and wishing that I can still get A for all five papers. Semester 1 was fun and I heard that Semester 2 promised to be hectic. I can't wait or Semester 2 to start although my 3 weeks holiday had just begun and I will be starting the iconic start of Semester2 on my 18th birthday. Till then I shall rot for 2 weeks at home.

On an unrelated note, I was perusing through my fb when I came to the fact that a very close friend of mine from when I was working at Celebrity has started college and I was stunned. For me, all my colleagues at Celebrity are mature and adult albeit the fact that some of them are only two or three years older than me. So when I found out that someone whom I deemed to be so adult and mature are going through the same phase-college- as me I was a tad too stunned before I came to my senses and feel elated for her. Although I only know her for a mere three months, she's more of a closer friend to me than some whom I have known for years. She's a strong lady who handles the difficulties life had thrown at her without faltering. A lady that despite her complicated childhood and difficult adolescent has turned out to be who no one has expected her to be and for that I hope you'll be a successful psychologist, monyet :D

P.s: I really hope you will remember. I really do.


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