Thursday, August 11, 2011

The light at the end of the tunnel

Tarc grading system is that 60% of our final semester marks comes from our coursework marks which consist of individual/group assignments and also presentation meanwhile the rest of the 40% comes from our final exam. Apparently I'm doing pretty well in my coursework. I actually scored the highest in two of my subject; Hubungan Etnik(which is a compulsory sejarah-like subject) and also on my IT practical. I'm also the only one in my course that gets an A in Hubungan Etnik. I also did pretty well for my journalism coursework. My journalism lecturer actually applauded me for my mid-term exam. An exam in which I was suppose to form 5 questions then go out and interview two people then write a news article about the increasing number of jobless graduates in Malaysia. I was the fastest to form my questions and she actually commented that my questions are good and that I was the only one in my course that actually narrowed down my focus for the exam, plus she was very satisfied with the questions that I came up for each of the ministry in my Cabinet Members coursework. She also told me that I have potential to be a good journalist. It might be a small and petty compliment to others but for me I couldn't have been happier. Besides, for a person like me who shy away from attention and who loathe to speak in front of public I did myself proud by garnering compliments from my lecturers that I'm good in my presentation. They said that I managed to deliver my points efficiently with my voice being loud and clear and also by my body language. I actually scored a 27/30 for my Hubungan Etnik presentation; the highest mark he has ever given to all of the 200+ students that he was teaching. I am not stating all this to brag but with all the negativity and downs that I was having in my life lately all these are actually a very good turns of events in my life. Compliments that will keep me going and striving hard to achieve what I want.

P.s: am going to study super hard to score a 3.75/4.00 CGPA for my first semester (:


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