Monday, March 11, 2013

Six pence none the richer

I have one thousand eight hundred words more to go for my assignment that is due this friday but me being an all or nothing writer (mostly the latter) is finding it terribly difficult to churn out the words for it although it has all been panned out in my mind. And believe me when I say that one thousand and eight hundred words is an easy feat for me if I'm entrench in it. Few semesters back I actually wrote a thousand word essay for the required three hundred and fifty one just because I was in the mood.

The fact is, I have waited five semesters to be able to do this assignment. Five agonizingly long semesters before I was finally learning about the one thing that had fueled my desire for this line of work that I'm venturing into. It's my favourite subject of all and yet now that I'm faced with it, I find myself void of the motivation to actually finish what I have already started.

So here I am, freely blogging out my frustration in words that otherwise just refused to come out when faced with microsoft word.

On a related note, I just don't get people who plagiarize. I mean a blog is your own entity. It's a space where you express your inner most thoughts and feelings without fearing the judgmental look that you'll be getting from your audience. I mean, I wouldn't even whisper half of the things that I blogged about here  to my family and friends even if you forced me at gunpoint.

Which is why I really don't get how you can even entertain the idea of brandishing my words into yours, what more actually doing it. How can you even get it pass your writer self? I get paraphrasing for academic purpose but to use it in a personal context is just a big no for me. To even think about passing off someone's work as my own is enough for me to look down disgustedly on myself so I really really don't understand how  you can do something like this.

Call me petty or overreacting but pray do tell how should I feel when I found out that someone — whom I know and whom I'm pretty sure reads my blog  came up with a blog post with the almost same title with mine and used the same metaphor that I used to express the exact same idea that I conveyed not too long ago here?

I concur that I'm not the most original writer around but I do take my writing seriously. As a matter of fact, I bawl my eyes out sometimes ago because my work was commented to be cliche. And that is just because someone thinks that my story is vaguely not different with those already around and that is not even directly plagiarizing someone else OK.

So yes I am mad but I strongly believe that I have just reasons to feel this way.

In other  more pleasant news, I have officially been away from facebook for 31795200 seconds as of twelve tonight. And for all you lazy bum who lack the effort to convert them seconds into days, it's 368 days which equals to one year and three days.

I'm going to be honest and confess upfront that it wasn't as easy as I have initially thought it would be.Temptations and seductions from family and friends have many a time made me go, "Ah hell, I give up." and to go on that social networking site only for my resolve to rebuild itself right before I log in.

For that, I believe I deserve a pat on the back, right?

Not going to divulge anymore boring details about my nonexistent relationship with facebook. It's suffice to say that there is definitely no love lost between the two of us. Ranting quota for the day achieved so I'm just going to head back to staring vacantly at my unfinished work but before that here's a picture for you:

I know that it's not very often that I post pictures of myself on this blog (I can even count the number of times that I do so with my two fingers wtf) but I'm making an exception today because I look deliriously happy in this one. This might also just possibly be the happiest captured moment of mine in twenty twelve. Besides, it's not a camwhore picture taken in the toilet so I'll let this one slide.


Vincent Quek said...

Found your blog off the Big Blog Exchange of which I'm also a participant. I really like this piece. Straight-talking stuff; something I can appreciate. Have started following your blog. Here's mine:
Hope to have u on board. Keep up the good work.

Chia Hui said...

Do know that your comment and also the follow are greatly appreciated as nothing is better than recognition from a fellow blogger itself. Cheers!

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