Saturday, April 9, 2011

Writing my dreams

A career you love or a career that pays? Money does matter to me but I do believe that passion triumphs all. I had registered for college and will be taking up journalism. Despite how others deem this job to be tiring, lifeless and do not pay much, I'm still adamant about doing this for life. I believe that a job that you love doing will eventually pay. Although I'm still a lil insecure about my writing ability and still finds it hard to believe that people are complementing me on my pieces, I decided to follow my heart and go through with my decision.

Will be resigning end of this month and frankly speaking, I'm a little heavy hearted. I started this job feeling scared and stress out but eventually I grew to love it; the different type of people you meet everyday, the quirky and lively colleagues, and obviously the money I'm making. I had even thought of staying in this industry but decided the better of it. In the near distant future I might venture back into this line but for now I will just concentrate on my enthusiasm on starting college and staying at the hostel. My hostel fetish might wane off after a few weeks but for now I'm all hyped up about being independent.


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