Monday, October 3, 2011

And I'm not coming around again

it's minute things like this that makes me crave for a relationship. i don't need a whirlwind romance that last momentarily. i need a relationship that last with someone whom i can depend my life on. i don't need fancy presents or sweet words from you because sometimes all i need is to lie with you on the couch and just watch tv in utter silence. i don't want you to be a prince charming on a white horse, i just need you to be real. someone whom i'm totally comfortable with. someone whom i can share the rest of my life with by doing menial things together. someone who will finally be able to understand me for who i am and love me for it just the same. it's a lot to demand for in someone but i just can't settle for anything less.


Mademoiselle M said...

This is so true. It's like you can read my mind. Ever since I transferred to a co- ed school, I'm compelled to be involve in a relationship though I don't think it's right just yet. To add on, I somehow feel that I'll never find someone who will love me as I am. #sigh #selfpity

Chia Hui said...

its great that you're of the same opinion as me; i think that its better to wait for the right one(however long it takes) than to just settle for someone less all because of peer pressure. and don't deprecate your self value for i'm very sure that there's someone out there for you and the same goes for me #hugs

Mademoiselle M said...

Thank you. Your words are very inspiring. And I'm definitely not going to settle for someone lesser. #bigcomfyhug

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