Thursday, January 12, 2012

The first dinner

Up until 45 minutes ago, I was supposed to dedicate my first post of the year to something huge and interesting but then something changed my mind: I had my first family dinner in 18 years. Let me explain this vague but shockful statement. My family never really had proper family dinner everyday and what I mean by proper is that we never sit down together to have a meal unless it was for Chinese New Year's reunion dinner which was once a year. Due to circumstances like working hours and the desire to watch television, we usually pile our plates with food then proceed to the living room and have our dinner on the couch with our eyes glued to the tv, with the exception of my mom. So to come downstairs today to see that the table had been set up and to have my very first proper family dinner, I was a little overwhelm. In 2011, I never had many family meals due to the fact that I was working like a workaholic for the first quarter of the year and then spend the weekdays of the other three quarter of a year staying at hostel. My mom don't cook on the weekends and usually every friday, the day which I usually got back from hostel, she usually cooks simple dishes like fried rice or fried noodles and for me, that doesn't actually account as a proper meal. This is actually a very mundane post but I can't help but want to pen it down. A simple home cook meal of three dishes and a soup might not mean a lot to one but to me it is significant because it reminds me that family does matter even if that family is kinda dysfunctional most of the time. I believe 2012 is going to be a good year.


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