Thursday, January 12, 2012

Djr1 Sem2

I'm finally done with my semester 2 as of yesterday and i shall summarize my finals as a reminder to never ever slack again next semester (oh how i wish).

  • Tamadun Islam dan Asia
I totally 100% did not study much for this subject. Granted that this paper was on new year's eve and that i was doing last minute preparation to move then but that's a flimsy excuse to use to mask my procrastination. i was supposed to sit for the paper at 9am but i only started to study for it at 4am the same morning and even then it was not exactly studying because i was playing games also. i really hope that my coursework marks will not be wasted because of this.

  • English for Communication
Well I think I did adequately for this paper although i did a teeny-weeny mistake in my letter.

  • Mass Media and Society
Among all the other subject minus english, i think that this is the paper which i did not slack as much as the others. note that i said 'as much as the others' because i did slack while studying for this paper just not as much games or reading.

  • Intorduction to Human Communication
This is the paper that made me want to cry when I think about it and i'm not just saying it figuratively because i was really disappointed with myself. on a scale of 1-10 on slacking, i did a pretty impressive 100. i had about two days to study for this but i spent one and half day of it playing games on my phone and the thing was, this paper was quite easy so i literally did myself in for this one.

  • Writing for Electronic Media
I slack a lot for this paper too, only really started studying for it the night before the exam, however, i think i did all right for this as we were given guidelines. the only thing i'm worried about is that my coursework marks for this subject was not very satisfactory.

when i first started this semester, i really really wanted to get a 4.00 cgpa and i was determined to do it too at first but after a while everything starts to deteriorate. i was getting lazier, more laid back and less motivated; my coursework marks was not as good as compared to the first semester and not what i had expected too; my finals were also more screwed up as usual as i was totally diverted from studying. the good thing that came out from this semester was that some of the subjects were more interesting and that the assignments were much more fun. in this another fourteen weeks semester, i learned about human communication (which was really riveting), was assigned to write a 30 minutes tv script based on a book of our choice (which got me addicted to house of night and i'm so proud of my baby!), had to analyse movie conversation (which help me to relive my childhood again with mulan) and i got to see how tv and radio station works by visiting RTM for a course trip. all in all this was an okay semester but i hope to do better with drama and electronic publishing next semester. till then i'm just going to enjoy my semester break.


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