Monday, February 6, 2012


i realized that my blog is filled with heavy, non interesting and sometimes downright depressing stuff and teamed up with no photos it's no wonder why my blog's a bore.

so in order to lighten up my blog with bright neon lights i'm going to dedicate this post to what i did last thursday, friday and saturday which is mundane, boring and which you guys probably don't give a damn about but hey i'm pretty sure that one prefers that over long winded post filled with many a words by one at attempting to figure out the context of life,right?

oh and for those of you that haven't figure out what TFS is, it stands for thursday,friday and saturday. it's a stupidly lame title but i couldn't figure out one which is more apt for this post so TFS it is.

so on thursday i decided to whip out the apron and spatula to show off my awesome culinary skills. #likeaboss

my version of spaghetti carbonara

which turn out to be not that awesome after all: my first attempt at making spaghetti aglio olio based on the recipe that my ex-colleague told me a year ago was edible but the flavouring was urghhh. then i attempted to make my own version of spaghetti carbonara which was partially tasty. anyway i miscalculated the portion for the spaghetti because i thought i was cooking for two (my mom and me) but right after i finished cooking my mom told me that she's not having any of the lunch i prepared because 1) she already had something to eat since i woke up so late and 2) my spaghetti look horrible so i was left with a whole pot of spaghetti and even after having it for dinner there's still a ton of it left so to finish it off i inveigled my mom to have it for her dinner by laying down the guilt trap and of course by blackmailing le brother to have it too.

conclusion of the day? le brother definitely hogged all my mom's cooking genes and left me with none.

on friday i was terribly sick. i had been having sore throat since the night before which is a bad omen because to me, a sore throat is usually followed up by fever. it's like my immune system alerts me of my impending sickness by making my throat as dry and hoarse as sandpaper. knowing that i was going to fall sick soon i slept around 10pm on thursday nightwhich is very early for me during sem break because i usually sleeps around 1am during this period but to no avail because i woke up around 4am feeling hot and cold at the same time and i felt so tired and my bones ached so much and my throat felt even worse. and being the filial person that i know i am i did not wake my mom up, instead i bundled myself up under four layers of blanket and went back to sleep. i know that this post is a mundane and boring post but i'm not that evil to bore you people to death by elaborating the minute details of this boring and mundane friday of my life so all i'm going to elucidate is that all i did for this day was sleep and played bubble puzzle because i was as sick as a dog.

don't ask how i can still play games while i was being sick for the answer is very the simple: there's only so much sleeping you can do in 24hours.

felt better upon waking up but i'm still not going to bore you guys about my recovery so instead i'll just say that i wrapped up my saturday night with holly golightly and paul varjak (:

breakfast at tiffany's ♥

on a side note, there's a new addition in my household:

Hi! my name's bella and i'm the bitch that whines incessantly when i'm not fed or when i'm neglected to be brought out to pee and poop (;

p.s: okay so there's a cuter and less depressing photo of bella which i posted in fb and twitter but it's a vertical photo and i just can't stand vertical photo/pictures in my blog. i just can't stand it period. so you just have to bear with a depressing bella in my blog for a while or at least till the next time i snap a horizontal shot of a cheerful and non depressing bella which might take a while


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