Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Justice? You've gotta be kidding me

Albeit pursuing something which requires me to flip through the newspapers everyday to get myself up to date with current happenings, I haven't touch the newspaper for a while now. That is because I'm truly disappointed with what I see in them and thus I stay away unless it's for my daily dose of football news, horoscopes, cartoons and interesting features.

And despite how I should brush up my writing skills and experience with commentary on everything under the sun, I don't practice doing so. This is because I'm steering my blog away from politics and in our nation's context, this means almost everything. Malaysia's politic is intrinsically linked with every single thing whether it is education,sports or entertainment, its just there and not being a huge fan of them I try to keep my distance.

I'm doing this not because I don't care but because I don't believe.

I don't have trust in politicians. I don't believe that there is such thing as black and white in politics. And most importantly, I don't have faith that there's a clear line dividing right from wrong when power and money comes into play.

When the fundamental foundation of trust, belief and faith is missing, then what is there to comment about?

Well, that was the motto that I upheld till now. I have always managed to refrain myself from giving comments on the current happening even when some of these things raise my ire at how preposterously ridiculous they are. Or maybe, the reason on why I had managed to keep quiet for so long is because I just haven't found a cause that was dear to my heart.

Anyway, that motto of mine will be shelved this time around because I just can't not comment on this utterly asinine thing that can only happen in Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh, eh?

A man in Singapore got 19 years for raping his young niece meanwhile in Malaysia, you can get off relatively scot-free for raping underage girls as it is deemed a 'consensual act'.  What nonsense is this? And for such gibberish shit to be coming from a judge, it would be hilarious if not for the fact that these victims will forever be scarred with not only the vile act that was enforced upon them, but also from the injustice that they suffer under the hand of the judiciary.

In fact, the verdict was so absurd that I'm still trying to grasp a hold of its validity. I'm still asking myself everyday, "How can such a ludicrous sentence be delivered - especially - by one who is supposed to uphold the justice in our country? How can a child's consent be a mitigating factor - if there was actually an assent in the first place?"

I mean c'mon; for a kid of 12 or 13 years old, they will still need their parents to sign a consent form before they are allowed to go on a zoo trip with their school. If they still need their parent's permission to do something as mundane and insignificant like that, then what gives their consent for sexual act legitimate?

They are still a child in the eye of the law. So, how can the consent given by a child be enough of a reason to liberate the perpetrators from a punishment befitting his crime? How could a child's consent be used against them when they are still not fully aware of the ramification of what a meek yes could lead to? Besides, is a consent that was given under the threat of retract love still be considered an assent?

And the best part of it was that another judge in Malaysia had the audacity to utter such sexist an utterance like this, "We must not forget who is involved in this rape allegation, even if she is an adult, in which women have a tendency to exaggerate about sexual act." Can we have a round of applause for this male chauvinist brute, please? Not only is this statement gender insensitive, it is downright degrading and insulting to women especially now when women and men have the same equal standing in society.

So, he thinks that it is OK to let rapist go scot-free because women tend to exaggerate about the so called sexual act that they had 'willingly' participate in. Can he be anymore sexist and irrational? Or can Malaysia be anymore Malaysia?

These lenient sentences over statutory rape by national bowler, Noor Afizal Azizan and electrician, Chuah Guan Jiu just hammered even more into people's belief on how very flawed Malaysia's judiciary is and never have I been even more ashamed by my country of birth.


hannah banana said...

I read the same article. Like wow, women have a tendency to exaggerate about a sexual act. Excuse me but aren't men the ones who brag about their sexual conquests and make up extravagant stories to "impress" their friends? But no, in the eyes of this judge, that's not exaggerating. But a girl who was raped is exaggerating the sexual act done to her. I see. How very "FAIR".

Chia Hui said...

I was so enraged when I read that article, hence this post but still I'm so furious that this kind of sexist statement is still being made especially by someone with authority.

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