Thursday, September 6, 2012

Once and for all


It's astounding how you of all people are the one who demean me in such snobbishly offhanded manner; the one who managed to make me feel so awful for doing something that I'm suppose to do. No, scratch that, for doing something which I shouldn't even need to do if only you had the sense to do it without me begging asking for it. I'm not going to be trite and perpetually harp on it so I'm only saying it once.

I'm not a fucking beggar.

In fact, I am financially independent for over a year now. I had ceased getting allowance from my folks ever since I started working at Celebrity Fitness January last year and even after I stopped working to pursue my tertiary education, I had never resumed the habit of asking money from them. I paid for my college and hostel fees through my scholarship and loan. I earned my allowance by working part time so you - and everyone else for that matter - have no bloody right to make me feel that way! 

Yes, it's true that nobody can hurt me without my permission, but Mohandas Gandhi had overlook an aspect when he quoted that; we human are especially vulnerable to those whom are the dearest to us. And often because they are the ones who are the closest to us and whom we assume would never intentionally or otherwise hurt us, we let our guards down and freely gave them consent forms to screw with our feelings and emotions as they like.

So here's the verdict: If and when we (this apply to everyone) ever go out together, whether it's for a meal, a movie or a trip and I so happen to foot for the bill first, please kindly just reimburse the money to me without me begging asking a millionth time for it. Just try to put yourself in my shoe for a minute, can you. Do you like to continuously remind people to pay up for the meal/movie/trip? Particularly when the one in question is someone who is close to you. It's not a pleasant feeling, no?

Personally, I hate begging asking for money that one should have had the common sense to give it to me without waiting for me to beg ask for it. Besides, I'm sure no one likes to be incessantly hounded by others to pay up too. So be mature and sensible about this and pay back as soon as you can and not when your highness feels like it or when you are being chased after for it. I get it if you have bad memory and you forgot about it but when you're reminded the first time around then just pay it back then, don't wait.

What are you waiting for anyway? For the sky to drop down a wad of cash? Or for cats to grow horns?

I absolutely abhor being hounded to pay up when I'm having a good time. So I always, always, pay back the minute after someone else paid for the bill. If due to any circumstances that I cannot do so, then I pay back asap and usually before said someone asks me for it. Is it too much to ask to be treated the same way? It's a simple request that I'm pretty sure can be carry out easily. So why then must I ask you for a gazillion time and even when you finally decided to pay up you must show me your bitch face? Is it wrong of me to ask for the money which you are supposed to pay me back in the first place? 

To you, you might think that that few dollars is not an adequate amount of money for me to start hounding you like I did. Well newsflash, I'm not like you. I don't have parents who give me money for everything. I do not have the privilege of sitting idly by and wait for hand outs. I wasn't brought up that way and neither would I want to do so too. Even when I was a kid, my folks don't just give me things because I asked for it. I have to earn what I want  either financially or through academic wise.

So yes, every penny counts for me.

If you have never had to work for anything in your life then you will never understand what I'm saying, and it will be too much of an effort for me to get it through that thick skull of yours so I'm not even going to bother to try. All I have is one bloody simple request and it will be highly appreciated if it is adhere to: Pay up when you're suppose to without waiting for me to beg ask you for a gazillion times like a beggar because I ain't one and am never going to be one.


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