Saturday, October 6, 2012

The extent of stupid-ism

Was going to post about something else that angers me when I come across this on twitter.



Needless to say, this idiot has just top my list of "How stupid can one be?". I can still barely,  JUST BARELY ONLY OK, understand it if this statement was to come from the male specimen but for it to be from a female?! And the gall of those five idiots who retweets it raged me beyond words.

This is beyond my imagination on how shallow,ignorant and biased one can be on rape cases. I am angry, yes, but what I truly feel when I see these is sick. I am well and truly sicken to the core by how one can actually think,what more, condone these kind of "belief" that the fault in raping lies with the women.

What has our society become? And how much worse will it be if "belief" like these has already been sowed in the mind of some?


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