Thursday, October 11, 2012

Of bridesmaid fear wtf

I'm down with fever, flu and cough which should be suffice a reason for the huge ass picture below. Being sick always compel me to do something which I will inevitably regret later on. Cue: Huge ass picture and random blogpost. If you have been reading my blog for some time now, I'm sure you'll have come to the conclusion that I only blog long wordy post that serve as cathartic outlet for me.

And unfortunately reading my blog often means wasting your time on these lengthy, indirect and picture-less (oh the horror!) blog posts of mine. I mean those would have been acceptable if they are entertaining, right? But they are not so I understand perfectly if you decide to click on the red x button on the upper right hand corner of your computer screen.

Ok why am I blogging like I actually do have readers when the truth is I don't? *hides in corner and cries from dejection*

OK. OK. So, I have officially gone nuts but in my defense, I'm really sick so...

(Read from bottom to top)

Anyway, lack of readers aside, this picture is a compilation of what I tweeted in twitter the other day. Somehow, reading about all your favourite bloggers getting married or preparing to get married can germinate some kind of irrational-bridesmaid-fear in one. Or maybe it's just me because as the world now knows: yours truly do not have that many a friend. Sad, right?

Not really.

I can't really be bothered by it unless the church bells are ringing in my ear but they are not so I'll just ignore this anti-social habit of mine till someone actually wants to marry me and only then I'll start worying or I'll just bribe people in becoming my friend/bridesmaids for the day.

In rumination, I seriously do not get why people bothered with all the traditional hoohaa (regardless race and religion) when they decided to tie the knot. For me, wedding and marriage is a matter of two people who have come to the conclusion that they want to spend their lives together in a legally binding commitment. If that is the case, then why bother with what so-and-so says we must do or what so-and-so dictates our wedding to be. To hell with it.

If I ever do get married, all I'll have is a simple quaint wedding with just my immediate family members around. To hell with the nine-course-mediocre-food banquet filled with annoying-and-often-unknown relatives whom I have develop a fondness to hate. I even told my mom this idea of mine and being the traditional chinese mother that she is, I had expected her to go "You mad ar? I'll disown you if you do that" on me but amazingly she actually agrees with me that those traditional hooha are actually a waste of money, time and effort.

So traditional chinese wedding to hell you go and quaint beach side wedding here I come!!! That is if anyone is actually willing to marry this obstinate, unreasonable, paranoid, emotionally detached, antisocial, mean, egoistical, crude and pessimistic person that I am.

On an unrelated note, I think that one of the signs that you're no longer being blinded or fooled by Hollywood's glam is when you read about the allegedly  judges feud between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on American Idol and you instantly knew that it's just another pathetic attempt from the producer to raise the rating of the show. And for those that genuinely believe the story, you can gladly go and jump down the Klang river or something because it's such a blatantly obvious move that the blind would have seen through it too.

This will definitely be a post that I'll cringe to see after I'm done floating on a cough-syrup and coconut water induced stupor so I might as well just end this post with a very embarrassing conversation that I had in lecture yesterday.  Btw, I really don't get what is so funny about it or maybe I just don't get it because I'm sick. But it's seriously not funny lor.

Lecturer: Anymore questions?
Me: How do you develop reliable sources?
Lecturer: By making friends.
Me: How do you make friends?
Class: *erupts into laughter*

See. What is so funny about that?! I seriously do not get what why they started laughing but before I embarrass myself further, I'll just stop here in case I scare away what little readers that I actually have (if there's any left) with my insanity illness.  Kthxbai.

P.s: Ignore my spelling and grammar errors if there is any because let me reiterate again: I am sick so pardon me if my english is not up to par. 


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