Thursday, December 13, 2012

I don't wanna be

This is just gonna be a random rambling because my final is coming up which means I'll prolly not be blogging anymore after this hence I do not want my last blog post of 2012 to be about some idiot who enraged me. Especially when I woke up this morning feeling so thankful for everything that I've been given in my life. It's not an everyday occurrence so I shall savour this glass-half-full optimism and churn out a post about shows that I love.

I stumble upon this quote/statement on tumblr very long ago.I don't remember the exact quote but it goes something along the line of, "If I get a penny for every emotion that I invest in fictional characters I'll be a billionaire by now". I absolutely agree with this quote /statement because that basically sums up my relationship with fictional characters whether they are from shows, movies or books.

I know I have reiterated several times that I'm emotionally detached and this is true but I do invest feelings and emotions in fictional characters. This might sound idiotic, and stupid too, but I figure that it's better to spend my feelings and emotions on things that don't exist because they won't inadvertently hurt me and if anything goes bad or awry I can always comfort myself with the fact that these characters aren't real and one way or another I'll be able to move on from it. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for actual people.

Moving on, despite being chinese I actually hate watching chinese shows because I find the plot tacky and identical most of the times. The casts also don't pull me in as much as their western counterpart so basically all the shows that I'm obsessing over are western ones.

I might be addicted to Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon A Time, Gossip Girls and The Tudors now but there are three shows that I'll always love.


#1 One Tree Hill 
I started watching this when I was 11 and I just have to say that I was obsessed with this show. I still am actually. We (me and mish) used to be such fan girls of OTH that we have newspaper cutting of OTH especially from Star2 TV Guide and various other memorabilia too. Unfortunately I kinda lost them in the midst of moving earlier this year.

I'm not going to go into details about why I absolutely love this show because it's just indescribable. You know how there's this one person,thing,shows, etc that you absolutely love but you cannot explain why you love it. Well, that's how I am with OTH.

I think Brucas is cute but I definitely ship Leyton so I'm extremely happy that Leyton actually do end up together. That is actually a miracle to me because I am with the opinion that screenwriters like to not give happy endings most of the times just because they can.

Anyway, I adore Brooke and Haley but Peyton is who I'll pick if I'm forced to choose between the three. I love Chad Michael Murray to the moon and back so it's a given that Lucas has my heart. Idk why but I hate Nathan but I do adore Jamie.

#2 Grey's Anatomy 
It is because of this show that Seattle has become one of the places in my where-to bucket list. This might sound very stupid because although GA is based in Seattle, most of the scenes are in the hospital but that's just how I've fallen in love with Seattle. Well, they did say that love is irrational.

I might love this show but I don't like Meredith because I find her character to be too bland for my liking. Meanwhile, no-nonsense Christina is definitely the character that I love in GA besides Derek and Bailey of course.And I will always be on team McDreamy. This is gonna sound so cliché but I can literally stare into his eyes for the rest of my life.

I don't exactly ship anyone here as they change partners every so often but I have always wanted Christina and Burke to remain together. I mean how can he dumped her on their wedding especially after the stuff that she went through for him? Ok so technically that is the screenwriter's fault but still their relationship should have been given a proper closure.

One thing I hate about this show is that most of the main characters either die or somehow leave the hospital. I know that this a medical show and people die all the time but I still get very upset when one of the main characters got killed off. Cue: McSteamy and Lexie.

#3 Charmed
This is actually the show that baptized me into the wonders of american tv shows.

I still remember that I used to watch this on NTV7 every Friday night at 10 pm and because of this, Friday night used to be the most anticipated night for me. Back then, 10 pm was already very late for a child of nine so it added the extra excitement when I get to stay up late to watch it. The fondest memory I have of Charmed is actually of me lying on the floor with cushions and dangling my feet back and forth in the air while watching the sisters battling demons of all kinds.

I love Prue the most although her life span in the show was the shortest and I'm still rooting for Phoebe and Cole. My obsession with San Francisco is also born from my love for Charmed.

Having firsthand experience on writing script for TV shows, albeit only for college assignment and only the pilot episode, I know how difficult it is to actually write a script for electronic media. Particularly when you not only have to build the characters, write their dialogues but you must also determine which camera shot  to use, the angle, and the background music.
Therefore, every screenwriters out there should be lauded for their work and the next time you watch a show that you deem lousy don't spontaneously think that you can write a better script because script writing is not easy as it seems. 


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