Monday, December 10, 2012

You're immature and that's about it

*please be forewarned that this is a long rant*

I'm a firm believer that respect should be earned and not given.

I don't give a damn if you think that I should respect you just because you're older than me, a relative or because you're a person with ranking and status in society. I don't factorize all those ostensible and shallow stuff when it comes to whom I respect and whom I don't. If you want my respect, you earn it.

This is what happened on Thursday: My last class for the day was from 4-6 pm at V103 and that class is occupied by another class (let's just name them A) presumably from 2-4 pm or 2.30-4 pm. This week is the twelfth week for this college semester of mine and for the past ten weeks, notwithstanding the first one, A has taken over our time without fail. For every single bloody week, they managed to take up the first 10-15 minutes of OUR TIME and OUR CLASS and every farking time, they never apologize.

Never did the lecturer/tutor nor did the student utter a single apology or a word of remorse on how they have intruded on our schedule. Never.

This week, yet again, we waited and waited until 4 pm and then the lecturer/tutor for A ( I shall name him B), popped his head out the classroom and told a few of my classmates that he want 15 minutes to conclude his class.

He didn't ask nor did he make a request. He just told us like he's entitled to it which he obviously think he is because he's a lecturer/tutor mar.

I wasn't there when he told them that so I couldn't tell him what I think about his request : rubbish. I want a  holiday to Germany, Klose's autograph, tickets to the World Cup 2014 etc but do you see my family and friends  just give it to me just because I told them that I want it. NO. What more if I demanded a stranger for it and especially when I have done nothing to deserve it.

It's a fact of life that one doesn't get everything that he or she wants/need particularly when you have not work hard for it and even if you have striven and work for it, it doesn't guarantee that you'll get it too. That's reality.

And that was what I would have told him if I was there ( I was standing in front of the next class hence I have missed out the whole exchange) Many of you might argue that the examples that I presented are not valid because it's different from B's request because B is a lecturer/tutor and he needs the 15 minutes for academical purpose. Fine. But would a please be too hard of a word for one whom I presume possessed a degree of masters to utter? NO right. Particularly when you have been doing this without fail for the last three months.

But alright, he's a lecturer/tutor and if he needs another 15 minutes of our time then so be it. We tolerated it even though this has been going on for more often than we like. Besides, this week our lecturer wasn't here yet so grudgingly we waited outside.

Mind you that this class of mine finishes at 6 pm, peak hour, so for many of us we'll have to brave the traffic jam to get home but if we could start early, we can finish early and go home earlier too since this is a practical writing class.

Around 4.10 pm, my lecturer came and when he saw all of us still standing outside with disgruntled expression mirroring on all our faces, he knocks on the door and open it to see if they were done in which I'm sure B would have said something along the line of "We're gonna finish soon" or "Give me another five minutes." You see this lecturer of mine is also a softie so he agreed to it lar, much to our dismay, so we continued waiting.

At 4.17 pm, the door of the class open and we could all see that B has concluded his class and was asking his students to hand in their assignments. And this is where the story gets interesting. Knowing that the righteous owners of class V103 were standing outside and waiting, they all take their own sweet time to hand in their work. Worse, some of them were still loitering at the back of the class and talking like there's no tomorrow. We all got even pissed because seriously why can't he collect the assignments outside the class since we have been waiting for quite some time already.

Then a classmate of mine told this few guys - who idk what their problem is were standing and talking in the middle of the door hence successfully blocking the entrance - to ask their classmates to hurry up. Y'know what one of them did? He sarcastically told his classmates of our request and make it sound like he's entertaining a request of a 3 years-old who demanded for a candy shop : patronizing

I was already boiling mad and that idiot just tip the scales so I raised my voice and told the class,
"Excuse me but we still have class you know." B then childishly got mad and started a tirade about a bunch of bull if you ask me and I would have retorted if he didn't bring up the fact that my lecturer already agreed to the delay.

What can I say to that? A lot of things actually but it wouldn't change the fact that he has a point there. I might be angry but I'm also logical thus I quit my argument. However, he wasn't done and started to childishly threw a tantrum. He took his students' assignments and numerously slammed the table with it meanwhile shouting to the remaining idiots to hurry up.

Finally when he was done, he came out of the classroom and apologized to my lecturer in a very fake manner. He said that he was sincerely sorry for holding us up but I sense no sincerity in it at all so I muttered under my breath, "I don't feel that it's sincere at all."

I don't know if he heard it or not but I have it on good authority that B glared at me all the way to his office, which is situated quite a distance away. Tell me if that isn't childish?

I mean c'mon, how old are you? And you're a bloody lecturer for god sake. He might have been offended by what I said but is really what I said a deviation from truth? Lies or blasphemy spin by yours truly? I was even being polite. I said excuse me not fuck off so what right do you have to act the way you did?

Besides, is it our fault that you cannot finish teaching in the designated period week after week? Hell no, so why must we suffer from your incompetence. We might still be students but time is precious to us too so why waste ours? And we actually pay fees to sit in air conditioned room to study not wait for your highness in the sweltering hot weather outside the classroom.

Another thing that I'm peeved about is that they (the idiots) always litters the class with rubbish whether it's the remains of the food that they tapau-ed to eat in the class or just papers and such. Every single week after a 10-15 minutes hold-up, we'll get into a class that smells horribly of the idiots' BO, rubbish on every nook and cranny of the room and a whiteboard that will perpetually be filled with A and B's lessons.

Is it really that difficult to throw your rubbish into the dustbin provided? Will it be too mountainous a task for one of you to kindly erase the board that you've used for the lesson?

I can't even.

By the way, the last I checked excuse me is a polite term. You don't believe me, Oxford Dictionaries define it as such:

So B, you are absolutely not worthy of the respect that should be given to someone of your profession while on the other hand, you totally deserve a complaint letter that I will be sending in to Student Affairs Department soon. And the next time if I ever bump into you, I'll actually smile and bid you a good day because I have manners and are mature enough for my age unlike you.


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