Saturday, October 26, 2013

This doesnt need a title

Degree so far has been pretty messy and meh. None of the subjects I'm taking this semester seems intriguing enough, except maybe for sports journalism. And I reckon that's only because  I have a kickass lecturer. Hopefully, football will be covered in it though.

The only highlight for the past week is probably this conversation that I had:

"Thanks for helping me getting an A."
"It's nothing, everything's your hard work."
"Yes meh? I think I just got lucky. I didn't even know how to answer one of the definitions."
"No lar. I think you did very well."
"Seriously? You're not just saying this to make me happy?"
"You know I don't give A easily right?"
"Ahahah. Of course. That's why I was so afraid and stressed out"
"Degree is not so easy, some say diploma is just a honeymoon period."
"I know. Which is why I'm quite apprehensive."
"But you can do it."
"I'll try."
" Don't try. I don't want try. You must do it because you're the quality type. You're not the type to be so easily satisfied."
"It's only because of that that I barely had a wink of sleep the day before your assignment submission. ahahah"
"You know, I added one more thing for your juniors."
"Source. Now in addition to why and so I also ask them for sources."

That last part. I can't even begin to imagine how tortured they are in his classes but suffering aside, his classes are really enjoyable.

He's one of the very few lecturer that I like what more respect and I rarely respect any one. I love how he challenged us to think critically and also how it's so easy to converse with him. Compared to many others who dictate us to only follow what they say, he's the only one who kept encouraging me to challenge him instead. 

I believe that everyone needs to meet at least one radical teacher like him in their lifetime. Besides him, the only other lecturers whom I genuinely like can be counted on one hand itself. My awesome drama lecturer who not only brought me to my first play but also treated me vip tickets to the 'Gulliver's Traveller' when it was staged in my campus. She's also the cute one who inquired after my well being upon seeing my whatsapp status (it was actually derived from ATL's lyrics). I mean how cute is that?

I'm quite fond of my copy editing lecturer who is also my ex-programme supervisor. I mean a lecturer who minutes after congratulating you on your well deserved grade asked if you still think he's strict in an adorable manner (after repeatedly hinting in class the that he's not strict because someone *coughmecough* implied it that once. once ) deserves some points in my book.

To be honest, now that they joy of getting 4.00 has wane I'm more happy over the fact that I have actually gotten an A for Malaysian and International Relations. Maybe it's because people rarely get an A for this or maybe it's just that I'm not satisfied of my overall cgpa for diploma. 

Either way, I'm back to being restless and this is not a feeling that I welcome. I need distractions and hopefully what I'm planning to dabble in will give me them.


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