Monday, April 21, 2014

Did you see that shooting star tonight?

❝ We were always alone, even together. ❞
Got my baby shipped from UK and it arrived right before I started my finals so guess who wasn't studying. For those who weren't privy to this information, I'm really into poetry recently. Really really. I will live and breathe poetry if that's permissible.

It wasn't until a short time ago that I actually found out there's a difference between poetry and poem. I have always thought that they're one and the same: which goes to explain why I haven't been in this fandom (yes i'm calling this love for poetry of mine a fandom, sue me) from the start as poems have always given me a boring vibe.

It just can't be helped, I mean have you guys read the poems that we were required to learn in high school? They are just plain boring. Maybe it's just me but after countless times of reading, dissecting, assuming what the underlying message of 'The Road Not Taken' actually is, I've grown an aversion to poems. I'm learning to love it now so that's a start I guess. 

Moving on, I have just finished my second semester's finals so this is definitely a valid reason to just rot at home for the coming three weeks - preferably buried to my nose with my recent purchases. I have never been more glad that a semester is over. This semester felt that it's never going to end, more like four years rather than four months. It doesn't help that I've hit so many lows during this period of time.

Awful luck (bad just don't do it) has been dogging my every step for the past few weeks - from losing my phone's memory card to being the inadvertent complice in helping my mom lose her phone. It has been terrible and I'm afraid this is going to persist until the year ends because this is not the year for rooster. I'd rejoice if superstitious is not one of the very few inherent chinese traits embedded in me but alas.

I'm seriously considering going for some ritual to rid myself of this awful luck. Ahahahha just kidding...or am I? To put it plainly, I'm already a doom-and-gloom pessimist to begin with, so adding superstitious-ness on top of that is not a good combination - it's just a matter of time before I drive myself to an early grave. 

To digress, I can be an awfully frustrating person to be around and this can be attested by many and also the following conversation. Just a prelude: my brother was home for a week during my study break so I was asking him for his calculator as I was sitting for a statistic paper this semester.

Me: Eh, lend me your calculator I need it for stats.
Bro: Use your own lar. You don't have meh?
Me: Got. I have two but what if they both run out of battery. I don't remember the last time I changed the them, I think it was for SPM. Can die ok if halfway they die on me.
Bro: If i give you then I don't have to use ah?
(He's going back to uni before I sit for the paper)
Me: You say you got two what so give me one lar.
Mom: Aiyo, simple. Go change battery lar. 
Me: Cannot!!! What if I go and change then the new batteries the shop give are spoiled and they die on me also?!
* My mom and brother looked at each other exasperatedly and promptly proceed to ignore me -.- *

Suffice to say, I got them changed in the end and much to my relief they didn't die on me. I'm paranoia extraordinaire if you haven't noticed. For spm, I brought in a whole box of newly bought pens, multiple pencils, two rulers, two erasers, etc and i'm still doing this up till now. Few sems back, during one of my finals a lecturer took a pen of mine for this other student whose pen has ran outta ink because my table was the one fully stocked. Lol

So yeah, you get the gist. There's supposed to be a few good things thrown into this post but the word-vomit so far has taken a toll on me and I have forgotten what the point of this post it so yeah byeeeee

P.s: I'll pledge my eternal sunshine-y soul to you if anyone of you get this for me <3


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