Sunday, June 17, 2012

Life is great. It is.

I'm a perfectionist and I am extremely pessimist. I get paranoid easily over trivial matters.I have really low self-esteem and I'm terribly insecure. I over analyze and dissect everything in my life. I don't trust people at all. I shut people out for the fear of being hurt or let down. I worry about worrying. I tend to be ungrateful. Or to put in a nutshell, I'm the epitome of what self-help books are suppose to guide one against. Needless to say, I'm super negative and probably gives out harmful vibes to one's well being.

However, for once in my life (or in my blog), I shall give thanks for everything around me because I realized how lucky I am. And for everything that has been given to me or will be given to me, I am super grateful.

1. Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.

My family is great. Beyond great to be frank. Both my parents are around and I have an overindulgent mother who despite my years of rebellion, temper and tantrums had stood by me through thick and thin; the one who showers me with unconditional love and who instantly forgives me for all my misgivings. Besides, I have a brother who spoils me (to a certain extent); a sibling whom I can talk to till the wee hours of the morning; one who can accurately gauge my feelings and thoughts just by looking at me. Because of them, I believe that I can seize the world for I know that if I fail, they will always be there for me. 

2. The  of my life.

A bundle of joy who had my heart and love. An innocent child who at the tender age of a few months old had wiped away my lone tear and smiled at me when I broke down emotionally and physically and cried in front of her. That one gesture of hers had unknowingly propelled me to be stronger when everything else seemed so bleak back then. A beauty who will always hold a huge chunk of my heart.

3. A passionate pursuit.

I'm grateful that I'm lucky enough to have found my calling and even luckier that I have been given full reign to pursue it along with supports and encouragements from family and friends. I also appreciate it that my results thus far have been a tad more than average. Albeit not achieving the goal that I had set for myself yet, I believe that I can achieve it.

4. The needs and wants.

I have a place to stay, foods to eat,books that I love and more clothes that one can actually ask for.  

5. I get by with a little help from my friends.

I'm extremely closed off, a little cold on the emotional side and I never trust people unless you earned it. But despite it, I have pretty good friends who are willing to lend me a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen to and who selflessly give me encouragements and advice. I do not know how I can manage to have them stick by me but nonetheless I'm grateful beyond words.

6. You have a part-time job, and that's better than no job at all.

I have a part time job that pays adequately and amazingly one which I don't abhor or dread. A job which gives me the independence of not asking my folks for allowance. And yet can afford me the luxury of satiating whatever cravings that I want (after economizing it); be it food, books or clothes.

7. Everyone makes the world goes round.

I am not who I am today without all those people who had at one point or another been in my life circumference regardless of the time they were in it. Each and everyone of them/you had contributed to the nuances that made up who I am. Whether you brought on a seismic impact on my life with you or all you did was to smile at me, I'm grateful for it because each one of you had taught me a lesson in life that I can not do well without.

8. Leave a lil footprint will ya?

For all the countries and places that I've been to. I'm grateful that I've been to China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan especially when I had been to some of these countries several times. Not even two decades old yet and I've tasted the food, culture, people and scenery of few of the countries outside of Malaysia. A feat that I should celebrate and be thankful about.

9. Passionately obsessed.

I'm thankful that I watched the 2010 FIFA World Cup because it was then that I fell obsessively in love with Germany and Miroslav Klose. Who wouldn't? I mean try watching how they played football and I can guarantee you that they are the ones whom you will fall deeply madly in love with. Being one that don't invest my feeling frivolously means that once I do, I'm in it for the long haul - no matter what stands in the way and till death do us part. Thus, I'm grateful as I have found another passion of mine which is being the psychotically obsessed fan girl for the Germany National Football Team and also Miroslav Klose.

10. Just because.

For being alive (:


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