Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Food, need I say more.

*Edited because there was a whole para-typo before this*

Wasn't going to post anything today because I'm absolutely up to my neck with assignments. Besides I'm actually typing this now at the college library. Idk if it's just me but I can only blog within the confines of my room and only using my laptop. I just find it really difficult to express myself using public properties eventhough it's actually the same web interface but I'm just weird awesome like that.

Anyway, since I'm stuck at the library because of the rain and I have absolutely nothing to do - I can actually go on tumblr but seeing pics of Germany NT is still giving me heartache plus I couldn't retrieve my gmail password to update my twitter background so I shall make a quick post here instead.

Needless to say these are all amateurish food pictures that I'm passing off as foodporn because instagram is awesome like that.

#Creamy Mushroom pasta, macaroons and eggplant zucchini: These are all from Levain, KL. Personally the food was good although Levain are more renowned for their baked goods. I have a truck lot of pictures from Levain that I'm tempted to do a food review  on them (haven't done food reviews in ages since I last deleted all my blog posts) so no lengthy description on this one.

#Protein Shakes & K-bar: I usually have this if I work out in the morning but since my timetable is a bitch this semester, I haven't been working out. I still have K-bar for breakfast though just not the protein shake because it's a hassle.

#Organic blueberry cereals & apple: This was what I had for dinner the other day. I know this looks more like a breakfast meal but one can only have so many take-out foods for dinner before you get sick of it so a healthy meal like these is a welcome change. Plus, staying at hostel has really warped my eating habits.

#Authentic Korean Food: Had this at Korean Village in Ampang. The shop name is Hanwoori and I gladly recommend this shop if you are after non-commercialized korean food that doesn't cost you a bomb. Btw, this meal was a courtesy of the lady-boss because coincidentally it was her birthday when we went for lunch that day and since my friend is on friendly terms with her and because she hadn't breaken her fast yet, she joined us for the meal and eventually treated us. Free food is awesome but because we were plagued with guilt as the tab wasn't cheap, we got her cakes from Ampang Point later on.

#Sushi King Bonanza: Had these sushis during the last bonanza, not the recent one. We went all the way to Times Square to have this because we heard that the Sushi King outlet nearby our college had people lining up even before the shop was open. Gotta say that the sushi wasn't remarkable and the only reason I went for it was because it was cheap. And if you have noticed, I have a totally quaint way of eating sushi; I usually finish up the rice before I have a go at the sashimi.

#Margarita: Drinks are not exactly food but because this drink literally gave me hell, hence, I think it deserves a mention. To digress, I'm not a huge fan of alcohol and I don't usually drink beer because I hate the taste of them. I like cider though and cocktails are fine by me. Anyway, had a hell of a time drinking this at Geographer's Cafe, Malacca becaue I had ulcer then and the salt didn't help. In fact, I actually experience the old adage of adding salt to the wound with this drink.

#Penne with poached salmon: This was my birthday lunch with bestie at La Bodega. The portion was huge but the salmon wasn't fresh and the tapas that we ordered never came so yeah... I was actually menu-pressurized into ordering this. I had wanted steak sandwich and in fact had ordered it before I succumb to the power of menu-pressuring and changed my order into this one #fml Wish that I had went with my guts instead because steak sandwich actually look more yummy.

#TGIF: I'm too lazy to list out all we the food that we had but this was my belated birthday dinner. The sandwich was pretty good but others so and so only. Oh, and I absolutely adore their mashed potatoes. The best I've had.

#Diner food: Milkshake and chili fries are exceptionally good but the main course was just bleh. You have no idea how happy I was when I found out about this dinner tucked in a corner nearby Masjid Jamek lrt. I actually hyperventilated when I found out about this shop and pathetically begged my brother and friends to go there with me. Eventually I went there with another bestie of mine for my birthday this year.  The online reviews said that their burgers are good but because these was what the waitress recommended, we ordered these instead. All I can say is that I should have went with my guts and ordered the beef burger instead.

There are tons more food picture to post but the rain has stopped and the prospect of eating real food is much more tempting than posting pictures of food on my blog so I'll just stop here.

Till then, xoxo.


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