Friday, September 23, 2011

A dose of happiness

i'm way past the stage where i still believe in happily ever after, however, i won't deny the fact that i occasionally indulge myself with some cheesy korean drama series and truth is most of the time i do enjoy them but never once did it disillusioned my stance that happily ever after does not exist. i'm ever the cynic in the romance chapter and it suits me that way and yet when i was stoning in front of my laptop willing for the darn tarc website to load for me to register my co-curriculum so that i'll be able to crawl back to my bed and sleep for my 8am class today, i stumbled upon something not so accidentally; something that made my heart flutters and had me thinking that maybe happily ever after does exist albeit only for a few and far between people. people who are lucky enough to stumble upon lady romance and managed to coaxed her to stay happily ever after in their life.


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