Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When I act this way I hope that it's OK

I think I'm growing a backbone.

Figuratively speaking of course. I've noticed that gradually starting from last year I'm no longer such a pushover. I used to be so afraid of offending people that I tended to just agree with whatever people say, cower from voicing out my opinion, saying yes to favours that are really taxing on myself. Unless I hate you then these don't apply. Thinking back I can't believe how pathetic I was. Ugh.

As a matter of fact, I actually politely told the people from SM off for calling me for the third time in a week (although the third phone call could be excused) and that was really a wake up call for me on how much I've changed as a person since I was technically showing a stance against an organization.

The thing was, I had someone from SM called me for two days in a row, the first was to ask  if I was using S3 and when I said no he asked me what's the brand of my phone then the second day he called me again to ask what's the phone model. It was really annoying because on both accounts he called me when I was working. I concur that I'm not working on some super important job like saving the world from aids or working on a cure for cancers but still it's irritating to be called twice for some information that could have been collected from the first phone call itself.

So by the time I got the third phone call from them I was sorta pissed already, granted that the woman was a different person from the guy who called me previously but still. The awkward thing was I actually got the third phone call when I was waiting for my appointment at the dentist so it was kinda weird for other people to be listening in on my conversation but since I was pissed then I didn't take into account of that.

Speaking of which, did you know that I actually harbor fear for dentists. This sounds so cliche but I'm really afraid of going to the dentist. If you're close to me you might think that this fear of mine is so misplaced because hey I'm actually someone who laughs out loud (I just plainly refused to use lol) when I watched horror movies and I absolutely loathe females who scream when they watched that genre of movie because seriously that's just fake.

Who'd actually scream out of fear while watching those horribly manufactured laughter-inducing movie?

Besides, I'm not afraid of insects or lizards with the exception of rats but rats are not in those categories so it's not counted. And those two fears are generally what people mostly associates females' fear with. Stereotypical I know but that's just the society that we live in nowadays. So it might be a tad difficult to fathom how I'm afraid of  a person with a profession that involves dental care. I don't know what my fear stemmed from as I didn't have any horrible experience with dental on the whole but for as long as I remembered I have always been afraid of the dentist, even back then when I didn't used to go for checkups regularly.

Anyway, fears aside, dentist definitely topped my list of the most disgusting job ever.


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