Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poison the hero, back down to zero

It's hard to blog when all I want to do is to fling myself on whoever who'd be willing to listen; clinging desperately on their neck while yakking on and on about how my life is now ever so depressed because the best show ever written on earth is butchered by the insensitivity of an actor (who up until that point, was my favourite and unfortunately still is) and some ridiculous plot line. It's scary how strong a hold on me fiction has. And double that fear if you will, for I'll never learn as I'm diving heart first, yet again, into another show where my favourite has to die and the fact that this is historically true doesn't do much to sway my feelings into a better state than they're currently in.


Vincent Quek said...

A whole multitude of emotions expressed in a short but sweet post. Love this!
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Chia Hui said...

And again a plethora of thank yous for your more than kind words.

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